Cat Conjunctivitis and Cat Herpes with Dr. Jean Hofve


by JENNY on JUNE 20, 2012


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Jean Hofve醫生討論關於貓結膜炎及貓皰疹的訪問:


Interview with Dr. Jean Hofve about Cat Conjunctivitis and Cat Herpes:


Jenny: 今天是五月五號.我們要和 Jean Hofve醫生談談貓咪與結膜炎. 謝謝您再次和我們討論, Jean醫生.


Yes, so today is Cinco de Mayo or May 5th.  We’re talking with Dr. Jean Hofve about conjunctivitis and cats.  Thanks for doing this again, Dr. Jean.


Dr. Jean: 這是我的榮幸


It’s my pleasure.


Jenny: 什麼是結膜炎?


What is conjunctivitis?


Dr. Jean: 結膜炎簡單來說就是結膜發炎,結膜是一種內襯的組織,這個黏膜保護眼皮內側及眼球的表面


Conjunctivitis simply means inflammation of the conjunctiva which is kinda the lining tissues, the mucous membrane that covers the inside of the eyelid and the surface of the eye.


Jenny: 在這個訪問前的幾次email通信過程中,你提到有很多從沒得過結膜炎的貓,現在都得到了.


In our communication through email before we set up this interview, you had mentioned to me that there are a number of cats that have conjunctivitis nowadays that didn’t have it before.


Dr. Jean: ,不是這樣. 大部分的貓咪都得過


No, not exactly.  Pretty much all cats have it.


Jenny: 不知道為什麼, 我總有個印象是現在比較流行, 不是嗎?


For some reason, I was under the impression that it’s more prevalent nowadays, it’s not?


Dr. Jean: . 所有的貓從幼貓起就暴露在這樣的環境下, 非常的常見. 感染源到處都是, 只要一出生就一定會暴露在這樣的環境下. 現在, 我們要釐清的是, 有多少的貓咪會有症狀? 這個數字正不斷的在升高.


No.  All cats are exposed to it as kittens it’s so common.  It’s just one of those infections that is kinda around and pretty much being born guarantees that you’ll be exposed to it.  Now, the thing that we have to separate out is, how many cats are symptomatic?   That number is going up.


Jenny: 這是因為皰疹病毒嗎?


Is that where herpes comes in?


Dr. Jean: ,大部分的結膜炎是因皰疹病毒而引起, 其他病毒造成的比較少. Colossi病毒就是其中一個. 結膜炎的成因很多, 但是皰疹病毒是最常見的. 先天性缺陷也是可能的原因, 像是淚腺管沒有生長完全或是沒有淚腺管, 受傷也是.


Well, most conjunctivitis is caused by a herpes virus, rarely by other viruses. Colossi virus is one.  There can be a lot of causes of conjunctivitis but the herpes is the most common one.  Other things that could be causing it though include congenital defects, such as the person faces where the tear ducts are not formed well or they’re absent, scarring from injury.


有一些對初期治療沒有反應的病患, 我會把他們轉診到Denver這邊的眼科專科獸醫. 我常得到的結果都是因為皰疹病毒作亂. 在一個科羅拉多州獸醫諮詢中心的午餐會時我去找Matt Chavkin醫生, 我說我的天阿, Matt, 這些病患都是因為皰疹病毒嗎?” 他說是阿,大部分都是” . 非皰疹病毒引起的結膜炎非常少見, 而皰疹病毒通常是非常複雜的, 有時候會是因為其它的原因造成皰疹病毒發作. 那些從沒暴露在皰疹病毒下的貓咪, 通常我們會為他注射Rinotraqueitis疫苗, Rinotraqueitis只是比較好聽的皰疹病毒.


There’s a number of things but I used to send all the cases that didn’t respond to initial therapy to my veterinary ophthalmologist down here in Denver.  I kept getting reports back herpes virus, herpes virus, herpes virus.  I ran into Dr. Matt Chavkin, Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado at a luncheon and I said, “Geez, Matt, all they all coming back as herpes?  And he said, “Yea, pretty much all”.  It’s pretty unusual to see other causes and herpes is almost always complicating it even if there’s something else that started it.  The other thing to note is that if cats weren’t exposed, we kind of give it to them when we give them Rinotraqueitis vaccine – Rinotraqueitis is it’s just another nicer name for herpes.


Jenny: 結膜炎會有什麼症狀?


What are some of the signs that your kitty has conjunctivitis?


Dr. Jean: 通常你會發現他們會瞇住一隻眼. 而且會有分泌物, 濃度及顏色不一. 有可能水水的, 也有可能黏黏的. 有可能是綠色, 也有可能是透明, 黃色, 或是白色. 你會發現那隻眼睛看起來泡泡腫腫又紅紅的.


Well often, you’ll just notice them squinting one eye.  There may be any discharge and it can be any thickness or color.  It can be watery.   It can be goopy.  It can be green.  It could be clear.  It could be yellow.  It could be white.  You may notice that eyes look puffy and swollen and red.


不是所有的貓咪都會有症狀. 有時候, 症狀非常輕微. 等到瞇瞇眼的時候就表示已經產生痛感了. 瞇瞇眼是表示痛的象徵. 這時候你就一定要有些動作了.


Not all cats will have all symptoms.  Sometimes, they’re very subtle.  The squinting one is a big one though because that shows pain.  Squinting is a sign of pain. That’s definitely when you want to get on it.


Jenny: 你會怎麼做? 你說要有些動作是什麼意思? 有哪些選擇嗎?


What do you do?  What do you mean by getting on it?  What are the options?


Dr. Jean: , 你知道的. 病毒很難殺死. 抗生素沒有效也沒有幫助. 有時候獸醫會給予眼用的抗生素軟膏或是液體. 一般來說, 這些裡面都含有類固醇以降低發炎反應, 這樣可以減輕痛感. 類固醇的含量很低, 但是你要記得的是, 類固醇會抑制免疫系統. 你可以藉由抑制免疫系統而減輕症狀, 但是其實這會使它更糟. 你必須小心使用類固醇. 但是, 如果貓咪真的非常不舒服, 這是暫時可行的方式.


Well as you know, viruses are pretty much impossible to kill.  Antiobiotics are not useful.  They don’t help.  Sometimes vets will prescribe antibiotic ointment for the eyes or some kind of tear solution.  Generally, those also have a steroid in them to get the inflammation down which reduces the pain.  It’s a very small amount of steroids but you have to remember that steroids suppress the immune system.  You may be working it cross purposes by suppressing the immune system in the eye – you may actually make it worse.  You wanna use steroids with caution.  But, if cat is very uncomfortable, that’s certainly a valid thing to do.


還有一些重點. 讓我們再回去討論一下為什麼有這麼多貓咪都會得結膜炎. 為什麼這麼多貓咪都會有症狀? 我研究過這件事好幾年. 這和寵物食品有些關連. 過去這些年來, 貓食 (當然還有狗食)一直在改變. 以前寵物食品裡面只有肉, 很多肉, 事實上大部分都是肉. 但是這些年來, 肉品廠越來越會從骨頭上刮下任何一絲絲的肉屑(意指越來越斤斤計較). 現在, 你得到的是較低品質的東西, 像是雞肉粉或是副產品粉.


There are a number of things.  Let’s go back a little bit and talk about why so many cats have conjunctivitis.  Why are so many cats symptomatic?  I’ve looked into this over the years.  It goes back a little bit to pet food.  Over the years, cat food (and dog food of course) have been changing.  It used to be in the early days of pet food that there was meat in them and a lot of meat and mostly meat in fact.  But over the years, meat packers have gotten very, very good at skimming every last single molecule of meat off the bones.   Now, what you get is lower quality – you know, chicken meal or by product meal or something of that nature.


這真的不是個好品質的產品, 而且裡面含有的肉非常得少. 這是為什麼你會在食物裡面看到許多第二級蛋白質來源,像是玉米麩粉或其他便宜的蛋白質來源, 副產品粉, 肉骨粉. 這些東西裡含有的肉非常的少. 關鍵是, 肉含有很多的離胺酸. 離胺酸具有保護性及預防皰疹病毒. 這在人類裡面是已知好幾年的知識了. 這也被用來治療貓咪. 讓我想一下, 我有一點激動, Jenny.


It’s really not a good quality product and there’s less meat than ever.  That’s why you lost and see secondary protein sources like corn gluten meal or other cheaper sources of protein, by product meals, meat and bone meals involved in meals in the food.  Those have less meat.  The key to this is that meat has a lot of lysine in it.  Lysine seems to be protective or preventive of herpes viruses.  It’s been known for many decades in humans.  It’s been used as a treatment for kitties. Let me think for a second here.  I’m getting wound up, Jenny.


把玉米和玉米麩粉當作蛋白質的代替物的影響是因為玉米內含的離胺酸非常少. 在這些年來, 越來越多的玉米被用來代替肉, 那就是為什麼我們開始看到這些問題的發生. 這些吃低品質乾糧的貓咪所攝取的離胺酸不足. 我想這是一個為什麼我們會看到越來越多貓咪有這樣症狀的原因, 因為食物裡面所含有的離胺酸越來越少, 皰疹病毒就越有機會能作亂.


The thing about corn and corn gluten meal as a protein substitute is that corn is low in lysine.  Over the years, as more and more corn has been substituted for more and more meat, that’s where we start seeing problems.  The kitties that were on low quality dry food are gonna be deficient in lysine.  I think that this is a big reason why we see more and more symptomatic cats because there’s less and less lysine in the food and more and more opportunities for the virus to get a foothold and flare up.


Jenny: 我聽說過可以額外給貓咪補充離胺酸. 這是一個治療皰疹病毒的方式嗎?


Isn’t one of the, I feel like I’ve been told that you can give lysine to your cats as a supplement.  Is that one of the treatments for herpes?


Dr. Jean: 當然是. 給正在遭受皰疹病毒攻擊貓的離胺酸劑量可以用到1/. 這個劑量非常的大. 好處是你可以在健康食品店買到含有500-1000毫克的膠囊, 你只需要把它和濕食混在一起給就可以了. 離胺酸含有微微的鹹味. 這很容易食用, 大多數的貓咪根本不會發現.


It sure is.  The dose of lysine for a cat with an active herpes flare up is a thousand milligrams a day one full gram.  That’s a lot.  The good part is you can get lysine at the health food store in capsules at 500-1000 milligram and you can just mix it  with their wet food.  It has a mild slightly salty taste.  It’s very platable.  Most cats don’t notice it.


正在發病期的時候, 你可以給1/, 持續5-7. 然後你可以偶爾加入250毫克/天的離胺酸當作預防性補充, 預防皰疹病毒再次發作. 這個非常非常安全,而且很有效.


For an active flare up, you give a thousand milligrams a day for five to seven days.  Then, you can just routinely add lysine at about 250 milligrams a day as a supplement to prevent – to supplement that deficiency and prevent further flare ups.  It’s very, very safe and it’s pretty darn effective.


Jenny: 是阿. 好像有一個我的讀者曾經跟我說過. 這就是為什麼我這麼喜歡和你面談, 因為現在我知道為什麼要補充離胺酸了.


Yeah.  For some reason, I think one of my readers has told me about that.  This is why I love doing these interviews with you because now I understand why it’s lysine because it’s not in the meats.


Dr. Jean: 是的. 欺騙大自然是不好的. 當我們開始餵食肉動物以玉米為主的飲食, 這就是為什麼很多問題會一一發生.


Right. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.  When we start feeding carnivores a corn based diet, this is just one of the many problems that will pop up.


Jenny: 是阿, 這很有道理. 在你的網站中的一篇關於貓結膜炎的文章, 你提到花精是一個治療皰疹病毒的重要部份.


Yeah, that makes sense.  Now, in your article on littlebigcat.com about Feline Conjunctivitis, you mentioned also that essences can be an important part of treating herpes flare ups.


Dr. Jean: 是的. 關鍵是舒緩壓力, 因為這些皰疹病毒發作常常是因為壓力的產生. 我們發現有些節日像是聖誕節後會是爆發期. 我們看到有很多的貓咪會在這時候因為皰疹病毒來看診, 因為對他們來說這個時期充滿壓力. 會有很多訪客, 派對, 人們來來去去, 有很多活動而且在客廳中間會出現一顆樹.


Yes. Well, the key is stress reduction because these flare ups are very often caused by stress.  We see a lot of this at certain times of the year like right after the Christmas holidays.  We see a ton of cats coming in with this stuff because it’s been a stressful time.  There’s been visitors.  There’s been parties.  People have been gone.  People are coming.  People are going.  There’s a lot of activities and maybe there’s a tree standing in the middle of the living room.


貓咪不喜歡改變. 節日假期對他們來說是非常非常具有壓力的. 那是為什麼我會推薦花精. Spirit Essences甚至有個產品叫做節日壓力終結者, 國慶日也是另一個壓力大的節日, 因為有很多的煙火, 還有民眾跑來跑去. 國慶日對貓咪來說壓力很大.


Cats don’t like change.  The holiday season is very, very stressful for them.  That’s why I recommend flower essences.  Spirit Essences actually has a Holiday Stress Stopper which is good after 4th of July is another one that can be used for because of fireworks and people running around.  4th of July is pretty stressful on cats.


Jenny:  是阿, 我想對狗來說也是.


Yeah. I think it can be stressful on dogs too.


Dr. Jean:  ,是阿. 很多狗狗都快被逼瘋了.


Oh yeah.  A lot of dogs get totally freaked.


Jenny:  是的




Dr. Jean: 花精也可以用在狗上.


This can be used on dogs too.


Jenny:  是阿. 我媽媽的狗在放煙火的時候都會表現得好像有精神病一樣, 這是個感傷的事.


Yeah.  My mom’s dog acts as if he’s in trouble during fireworks – it’s kind of sad.


Dr. Jean: 他們不知道那些巨響是從哪裡來的而且他們會認為這和自己有關.


They don’t know where it’s coming from and they take it very personally.


Jenny: 是阿. 我覺得他的表情像是在說我做錯什麼事了?” 這真是太哀傷了.


Yeah.  All I can picture is his  little face like, “What did I do wrong”?  It’s so sad.


Dr. Jean: 我知道. 他們會覺得為什麼你們要對我這樣大喊大叫”. 可憐的孩子.


I know.   “Why are you yelling at me with these loud noises”.  Poor little guy.


Jenny: 我知道. 我有寄過一封email給你, 裡面寫到我媽媽的貓 Caymus, 我大概每兩周會看到他一次. 我不是常常看到他. 不知道為什麼, 我和他相處一下下他的眼睛就會變得非常水. 他沒有瞇瞇眼, 只是看起來好像在哭, 但是沒有像人在哭的時候那樣紅紅的.


I know.  I sent you an email the other day about my mom’s cat Caymus who I see probably once every two weeks.  I don’t see him very often.   For some reason after I’m with him for a little bit, his eyes become super watery.  He’s not squinting.  It just looks like he’s been crying but there’s no red to them like there would be in human.


Dr. Jean: 你離開的時候就不會這樣了嗎?


Does it go away after you leave?


Jenny: 我不知道, 因為我跟我媽媽說這常發生嗎?” 她會說”Jenny, 我不是常常看著他的眼睛, 我可以多看看, 但是我通常不會注意到不幸的是, 上次我看到的時候, 我媽媽那個晚上正好要離開, 所以她不能觀察Caymus的情況. 但是, 我們應該要多觀察的對吧?


I don’t know because I said to my mom, “Does this happen”?   She’s like, “You know Jenny, I don’t really look at his eyes all that often. I can pay attention to it but I don’t normally notice it”.   Unfortunately, the last incident where it happened, she was leaving for the evening so she couldn’t keep an eye on him.  But, we should keep an eye on him?


Dr. Jean: 多觀察知道原因是很有趣的, 你還問了有沒有可能是過敏?


That would be interesting to know and you had asked about potential allergies.
Jenny: 是的




Dr. Jean:  不管是貓還是狗, 我們認為眼睛水水的還有流鼻涕會和花粉症及吸入式過敏有關. 在貓咪裡面不常見. 大多數的時候, 過敏的症狀會是在腸胃或是皮膚出現. 很少過敏會造成這種症狀. 過敏可能不是眼睛水水的原因. 我在執業生涯中曾看過一萬到一萬兩千隻貓. 我只在其中一隻貓咪中看到過. 他們會在呼嚕的時候流鼻水. 鼻子不一定會有分泌物出來. 通常是鼻子粉紅色的部分會分泌出一些水.


Dogs and cats – we think of watery eyes and runny nose associated with hay fever and inhalant allergies.  It’s very unusual for that to be a symptom in cats.  Mostly, what you see with an allergy is gastro intestinal symptoms or skin symptoms.  It’s pretty rare for an allergy to cause that particular symptom.  It’s probably not that.  I have two cats.  I’ve only seen this in one other cat.  I have probably seen ten or twelve thousand cats in my career.  Their nose runs when they purr.  It’s not that there’s discharge coming out of the nose.  It’s actually the nose leather, the pink part that secretes water.


你媽媽的貓咪有可能只是因為高興. 我是說, 如果鼻頭濕濕的, 眼睛可能也會濕濕的. 有些貓咪會有一些特有的行為. 不一定是有什麼原因, 也不會痛, 只是一個讓他們很好奇的事情. 但是, 如果是只有妳在的時候才會發生,妳離開的時後馬上就消失. 這可能就是那些我們不知道的貓咪神秘行為. 但是, 也是有可能貓咪正感到不舒服.


It maybe something like that – that’s happening to your mom’s cat. It’s just a pleasure thing.  I mean, if the nose leather can run, I assume that the eyes can run.  Some cats just have these idiosyncratic behaviors.       There’s no particular reason for it.  It’s not harmful.  It’s just kind of more curiosity thing. But, it would be interesting to know if it only happens when you’re there and it goes away quickly when you’re gone.  It’s probably one of those things, we’ll never know completely for sure what’s causing it.  But, it probably is hurting the kitty.


Jenny: , 下次我去見寵物溝通師時一定會問這個問題.


Well, I’m definitely adding it to my list of things to ask the animal communicator the next time I talk to her.


Dr. Jean: . 一定要讓我知道她說什麼!


Oh yeah.  Let me know what she says!


Jenny: 我會的. 你覺得濕鼻頭和呼嚕會跟他眼睛水水的有關嗎? 這是不是會在老貓身上發生? 因為我不記得他年輕的時候有這樣過.


I will.  Do you think that talking about the nose leather and purring in association with, that maybe that could be a correlation with his watery eyes?   Is that something that could happen later on in life?  Because I don’t recall him ever doing this as a younger cat.


Dr. Jean: 這是個很好的問題. 我沒有在幼貓身上看到過, 但是年輕的貓有.


That’s a good question.  I don’t think I notice that when they were kittens. But pretty young, I noticed it.


我們討論過Willard Water. 這是個很有趣的東西. 我看過他們的網站. 我完全不知道它是什麼,用途是什麼. 但是, 我曾加了一些到貓的噴泉裡面, 因為我有一隻貓Sundance有皰疹病毒發作. 在我加入Willard water之後, 他就好多了. 他只是早上的時候會有一些眼屎. 每個早晨, 他會過來要我把他的眼屎清掉. 其他的貓咪並沒有這樣的情況. 他們沒有這個問題. Sundance之後好幾年都沒有復發, 因為他一直有用Willard Water.


We talked about Willard Water.  Willard Water is really interesting stuff.  I’ve looked on their website. I have no idea what it is or what it does.   But, I’ve added it to their water fountains because one of my cats has, Sundance, has flare ups.
As long as I put Willard Water in their water, he really is pretty good.  He just has little eye boogies in the morning.  Every morning, he comes in and has me pick his eye boogies out.  I don’t notice it too much with the other cats.  They don’t seem to have such problems.   Sundance hasn’t had a real flare up in years because he’s been on the Willard Water constantly.


所以,這是個很有趣的產品. 你可以在網站上買到, 很便宜. 也可以在健康食品店買到. 這並不貴. 我的方法是, 我會在一加侖的水中加入一盎司,然後補充到他們的飲水中. 所以他們一直都會喝到一些. 我不知道為什麼有效. 但他有用.


So that’s a really interesting product.  You can get it from Vitacost.com, pretty cheap.  You can get it at health food stores.  Vitamin Cottage has it.  It’s not that expensive.  What I do is, I use an ounce in a gallon of water and then use that to refill their bowls with.  So that they always shave a little bit.  I don’t know what it does or why it works.  It does work.


還有一個公司Aeura的順勢療法.我不知道怎麼發這個音. 他們製作治療人類皰疹病毒的順勢療法. 我看過這個產品在一夜之間產生的奇蹟. 我的一個鄰居, Bill 和我總是把門開開讓我們的貓咪可以跑來跑去. 對他們來說很好玩, 也可以有很多的社交互動.


There’s also a homeopathic remedy from a company A E U R A, Aeura?  I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you how to pronounce it.  They produce homeopathic remedies for herpes in humans.  I have seen this stuff absolutely work overnight miracles.  One of my neighbors when I lived up in Jamestown at the second floor, it was three apartments, the next door apartment.  Bill and I, we just leave our doors open all the time and our cats will run back and forth.  That was a lot of fun for them.  They got a lot of social interaction.


他有兩隻幼貓, 其中一個有非常非常嚴重的結膜炎. 他的情況很糟, 他的眼睛又紅又腫. 眼睛腫了一圈. 他很明顯得也很痛苦. 我們讓他用這個產品. 一罐大概50美金. 裡面大概有100. 你拿一碇,然後將它放在一盎司的水裡. 每天兩次滴幾滴放在他們的食物裡面.


When he got two kittens, one of them had really, really severe conjunctivitis.  He was miserable.  His eyes were puffy and red.  He had puff looking goop running down the side.  It was really sad and he was obviously in a lot of pain.  We put him on this stuff.  It’s about fifty bucks bottle.   I think you get a hundred tablets.   You take one tablet and put it in a one ounce dropper full of water.  You use a few drops of that in their food just once or twice a day.


我一年前買了一罐, 到現在還剩50, 我有用在客戶的貓還有我自己的貓, 還剩下這麼多. c/p值很高, 很好的東西. 我從來沒有看過哪些東西這麼好用. 當我們開始用之後, Snicker馬上就好了. 他一直用到那罐用完. Snicker一個晚上沒用,皰疹病毒就發作得很嚴重. 這是一個治標不治本的方式. 它沒有辦法治本但是它可以治標, 讓可憐的Snicker可以舒服一些.


So fifty pellets will last ya – I mean, I bought one bottle years ago -  I’ve used it for client’s cats.  I’ve used it for my cats.   I still have a bunch left.   It’s very cost effective and it’s really terrific.  I haven’t ever seen anything that works as well.
When we started, Snickers on it, he cleared up immediately.  It was just great until Bill ran out.  It was a day before he came over to get more.   Snickers overnight flared up horrible.  It’s a palliative remedy.  It’s not curing any thing but it’s palliating and it’s keeping poor little Snickers real comfortable.


Jenny: 我在網路上沒有找到. 如果你有找到,我可以寄email給你嗎?


I haven’t been able to find that online.  Can I send you an email?  To see if you can find it?


Dr. Jean: ,當然. 我很久沒去找了. 我想, 應該還有, 我會再去確認.


Oh yeah.  I haven’t looked for a long time.  I figured, it was probably still there but I’ll check it out.


Jenny: , 也有可能我拼錯他的公司名.


Well, I could have spelled things wrong.


Dr. Jean: 是阿, 那是一個很好玩的字. 因為這個名字和ailurophile(貓控)巧合的很像. 他們的字源是相同的. 前幾個字母一樣. 反正, 我發現他們很相似, 但是他們並沒有對貓做廣告.


Yeah.  It’s a funny word.   It’s kind of coincidental because ailurophile is a name for cat lover.  It’s the same root word.  It’s the same first few letters.   Anyways, I find that very coincidental although they do not advertise it for cats at all.


Jenny: 有趣的是. 這會和我的目標-讓更多貓停止吃乾糧有關. 如果有人寫信問我屁屁的便便問題, 我都會強力鼓勵他們停止餵乾乾. 開始進行轉食的網站讀者們, 常會發現貓咪開始早上沒有眼屎出現. 這讓我思考, 是不是罐罐因為有比較高比例的肉,所以裡面含有比較多的離胺酸?


You know, what’s interesting, I would think this might be correlated is one of my goals is to get more cats off of dry food.   I highly encourage it anytime someone writes into me with a poopy butt problem.  The readers of floppycats that have made the transition with their cats, one of the things that comes up often is that their cats don’t have any eye gookies in the morning.  It makes me wonder if the canned food has more lysine in it because of the additional meat content?


Dr. Jean: 當然. 這些年來我學到有一件事千真萬確如果我吃很多的糖,我會感冒. 如果你吃很多的糖, 它會抑制免疫系統, 玉米和其他的穀物會在身體裡面快速的轉換成糖. 高碳水化合物的乾糧會在身體裡面產生很多的糖, 這對免疫系統來說是個很大的壓力.


Absolutely.  It’s more natural when you’re putting – one thing over the years I learned is very true is, if I eat a lot of sugar, I will catch a cold.  It’s when you eat sugar; it suppresses the immune system while corn and other grains convert to sugar in the body very quickly.  A high carbohydrate dry diet is basically freedom on Twinkies.  It produces a lot of sugar in the body and I think that’s a tremendous stress on the immune system.


如果你去計算蛋白質的含量, 這個是個重點, 因為通常民眾並不了解. 他們只會看著乾糧上寫“34%的蛋白質然後看看罐罐上寫”10%蛋白質”.” 很明顯的, 乾糧有比較多的蛋白質, 對吧? 大錯特錯. 你必須將水分剃除. 這是個很簡單的計算方式. 但是重要的是, 罐罐通常(就算他們上面寫10%蛋白質)含有45%蛋白質(乾重比例). 這個蛋白質含量比較高. 而且原料的品質會比較好, 因為它的形式比較不好隱藏壞原料在裡面. 你很難知道裡面有什麼, 你不知道裡面會有6隻大象還是德國牧羊犬在裡面.


When you calculate the protein content, it’s a good point to bring up because people don’t understand.  They look at the dry food and it’ll say, “Thirty-four percent protein”.  They’ll look at the canned food and it’ll say, “Ten percent protein”.
Obviously, the dry food has more protein right?  Wrong.  You have to calculate out the water.   It’s a simple calculation.  We can give people a link to it if we need to.  But, what is important about that is, that canned food tends to be – even if they say ten percent protein – that is really about forty-five percent protein on a dry amount of basis.  It’s much higher in protein.  And the ingredients end up being a little bit better quality because it’s harder to disguise bad ingredients in canned food than it is in dry kibble.  You don’t know what’s in it. You don’t know if there are 6 elephants, or German Shepherds or whatever.


我完全不喜歡貓咪吃乾糧. 當我出外旅行的時候, 貓保母會放一些乾糧給他們. 我不喜歡這樣. 當我回來的時候, 我要花幾天的時間去回復他們的飲食平衡. Sundance會有這個問題. 我花了幾天的時間讓他回到原來的飲食.


I don’t like dry food for cats at all.   Certainly when I travel, the cat sitters leave a little dry bit of dry food out.  I don’t love it.   When I get back, it takes a few days to re-establish their balance.   Sundance usually has some of that issue.  Today, he was fine. I’ve been back since Wednesday night.  It just takes a couple of days to get him back on his normal diet.


我還發現另外一個東西對我和貓都很好, 叫做redox signaling molecules, 使用過程叫做asea. 你可以直接用在眼睛上面, 我自己會這麼做. 我也會把它混在貓的食物裡面. 我不會要我的貓保母做這件事, 因為做他們的食物比較複雜. 他們不做這些複雜事情的時候表現也比較好.


One other thing that I have found that works pretty good for this for me and it’s actually working for the cats – it’s called redox signaling molecules and the process is called asea. You can actually use it directly in your eyes, which is what I do for myself.  I have dry eyes.  When that’s bad, I use it directly in my eyes.  And I mix it with the cat’s food.   I wasn’t having my cat sitters do that because it’s one more complicated step and when I make their food, it’s a big production.  I don’t like to leave people with that much detail that they have to go through.   They’re also doing better on that account.


Jenny: 我了解. 有時候我會寫下我每天必須做的事, 然後發現我沒辦法要別人去完成這些事情.


I understand what you’re saying.  Sometimes I start adding up every thing I do in a day and think, “I can’t ask someone to do all this.”


Dr. Jean: 當你必須要讓他人做的時候,這很艱難. 我有四隻老貓, 他們都有一點問題. 我們做的事情並不有趣, 你會試著寫下所有事情讓那個人能夠隨著那些步驟進行. 但最後都會想我的天阿, 我沒辦法要別人去做這些”. 我們都寵壞了貓咪們!


It’s really hard when you have. I have four cats and they’re all older, so they all have little issues.   What we do just out of habit, you know, you try to write it down so somebody can follow the steps that you take everyday.   It’s like, “Holy cow, I can’t ask someone to do all that”.  We do spoil them!


Jenny: 是阿. 昨天晚上在我的Facebook粉絲頁面, 我貼文寫說我和你今天要做這個訪問, 有沒有人有問題. 有一個小姐就回覆說她覺得她的布偶貓有結膜炎, 而且發作好幾次了. 她覺得是不是其她的貓也會被傳染. 皰疹病毒是會傳染的嗎?


Yes, we do.   Last night on Floppycats Facebook, I posted that you and I are having this interview today and if anybody had any questions.  And one of the ladies commented that she thinks that her Ragdoll has conjunctivitis or has had it a few times.  She thinks it’s contagious in other cats.  Is the contagious part more the herpes thing?


Dr. Jean: , 但是傳染不是重點, 因為它非常容易傳染, 所有的貓咪都被感染過, 所以重要的是他們有沒有症狀出現.


Yeah, but it’s not contagious in the conventional sense because it’s so contagious that they all have it so – it’s whether they have symptoms or not.


Jenny: 另外一個問題是提到貓皰疹. 除了離胺酸有沒有其他的方法, 上面提到的Willard Water就是,對嗎?


Another question was to ask about feline herpes.  If there are other solutions besides lysine, we’ve covered that with the Willard Water right?


Dr. Jean: 是的, 還有順勢療法及redox signaling molecules. 營養才是最重要的. 如果你沒有辦法讓貓咪攝取足夠的營養, 你會有麻煩. 這是一個明顯的問題. 人們應該要把這個當作讓貓咪戒斷乾糧的原因,因為他們沒有辦法在這樣的食物下被治癒.


Right and the homeopathic remedy and the redox signaling molecules.  Nutrition of course, that’s the basis.  If you’re not supporting the cat nutritionally, you’re gonna have problems.   This is one of the obvious ones that surfaces quickly.  People should take that as a hint to get their cats off dry food because they can’t heal when they’re getting that kind of food.


Jenny: 我要念一下這個回覆,看你有沒有需要回答的. 她說結膜炎和皰疹病毒發作, 我有一隻貓皰疹病毒很嚴重,讓她的眼睛會瞇瞇的還有發炎反應跟許多分泌物, 她每天都會補充離胺酸, 之後就很少會再發作了, 如果她發作, 嚴重程度只有以前的四分之一我想這個你已經討論過了,還有什麼要補充的嗎?


I’m gonna read this other comment just to see if you have anything to expand on it.  She said, “Conjunctivitis versus herpes flare ups, one of mine has a lot of flares manifesting in eye squinting and inflammation and watering/ gooping. She’s on a daily regiment of lysine and rarely has them anymore.   If she does, it’s about seventy-five percent less severe.”   So I think that covers what you already talked about but do you have anything to add?


Dr. Jean: , 當貓咪感染皰疹病毒後, 他們一輩子都會有. 這種病毒會存活在神經末端. 只要你能讓它休眠, 健康的免疫系統通常會讓它在控制下. 結膜炎在拉丁文是結膜發炎.


Well once the cat has herpes, they have it for life.  It’s a virus that lives on nerve endings.  As long as you can keep it dormant, a healthy immune system will normally keep it under control.  Conjunctivitis is just the Latin form for inflammation of the conjunctiva.


這是一個形容詞. 本身並不是個疾病. 皰疹病毒發作的症狀是結膜炎. 但是, 結膜炎這個字並不是肇因. 對大多數的貓咪來說, 你可以確定肇因是皰疹病毒, 除非檢測出來是別的.
It’s a descriptive term.  It isn’t the disease itself. A herpes virus flare up – the symptom is conjunctivitis.  But, just the word conjunctivitis doesn’t imply anything about cause.  For most cats, you can pretty much assume it’s herpes until proven otherwise.


Jenny:  我的媽媽問到過敏, 但那是因為Caymus.


My mom asked about allergies but that’s because of Caymus.


Dr. Jean: 是阿, 你也可以補充抗氧化劑. 因為抗氧化劑對付發炎反應的效果非常好.


Yeah, one of the things that you can do nutritionally of course is antioxidants. Because this is an inflammation, and antioxidants are really good at getting rid of inflammation.


Jenny: 很高興能知道. 我沒有其他問題了, 我覺得這個訪問只用了30分鐘蠻怪的, 不過如果是這樣的話, 那就這樣吧.


That’s good to know too.  I don’t have anything else. I feel kind of silly cause it’s only thirty minutes.  But if that’s what it is, that’s what it is.


Dr. Jean:  我想大部分的問題我們都討論到了. 這是一個常被誤解的事情. 我們說貓咪有皰疹病毒的時候, 人們通常會禁聲, 因為對人類來說是個很負面的東西. 但是冷瘡也是皰疹病毒, 這跟你的生活方式並沒有關係. 它會發生是因為皰疹病毒住在神經末端, 而貓咪好發的地方是眼睛.


Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it.  It’s a very misunderstood thing. People tend to get quite when we accuse their cats of having herpes because it has very negative connotations in people.  But cold sores are herpes virus. They don’t apply anything about your lifestyle.  It does happen because those are the nerve endings that it lives on and it just happens to really like the eyeballs in cats.


Jenny: 我完全同意. 我想CharlieTrigg在幼貓的時候有這個問題. 那個獸醫並不確定是皰疹病毒, 所以她給了我一些離胺酸嚼錠.


Yeah, I completely agree.  I think Charlie and Trigg had I think an issue when they were     kittens.   I think we’re put on – well, the vet wasn’t sure if it was herpes, so she gave me some new like lysine chew for them to chew on.


Dr. Jean: 我也有這個東西.


We have some of those.


Jenny: 我那時候覺得好像被冒犯了, 因為皰疹通常會和性疾病相關.


Yeah.  I was like, I was so offended that they would have herpes because I associated it with sexual disease.


Dr. Jean: 是的. 他們在幼貓的時候就有. 他們在長到可以有沒保護的性行為前就會得到. 貓咪是不會戴保險套的! 但是, 這和任何社交行為無關. 幼貓會有只是因為他們的媽媽有, 他們的奶奶也有.


Right.  I mean, they have it when they’re kittens.  I mean they have it before they’re ever grown up enough to have unprotected sex which- what are you going to do with those cats.  They just won’t wear a condom! But, it doesn’t have any social connotations at all.  It’s just something that kittens have at birth because their moms all have it and their grandmas all have it.


就像我說的, 獸醫會幫他們打疫苗, 那是一個處理過的疫苗. 獸醫會給他們一些東西以活化病毒. 如果是由我決定, 我不會注射疫苗. 疫苗不會預防這個疾病, 只是降低它的嚴重度. 這並不是個很好的東西. 我不確定為什麼我們還在幫貓咪注射這個疫苗, 因為好的營養及室內的擺飾還有遊戲療法及其它的舒緩壓力活動才是重點. 貓咪需要很多的互動及活動.


Like I said, and then we vaccinate them for it and it’s a modified live vaccine.  We can be giving them something that could actually activate the virus.  If it was up to me, I wouldn’t vaccinate them for it.  The vaccine does not prevent the disease obviously.   It only reduces the severity.  It’s not really all that good at that either.   I’m not sure other than the tradition why we’re still vaccinating kitties for the disease, because good nutrition and indoor enrichment for kitties and play therapy and all the other stress reducing activities and things that you can do to keep them from being bored or stressed. Kitties should have some interaction.   They should have activities.


正常的貓咪,在自然環境下他是個狩獵者. 他們會出去抓食物吃. 所以, 裝了零食的玩具可以給貓咪當作征服的對象. 你可以放一點零食在裡面,然後貓咪必須要想辦法把那個球揮來揮去直到得到食物.


Normal cats – a cat in natural state is a hunter.  They’re going out and getting their food.  So, maybe treat filled toys, conquests for cats. They have what they call slim cat balls are pretty good.  You can put little treats in there.  You can put little Greenies or whatever you want in there.   Then, the cat has to bat the ball around and work to get at food.


Spencer已經學會用一隻手就能從那個球得到食物的技巧. 他是世界上最懶惰的貓咪. 最好的防禦機制就是良好的免疫系統, 我們最想要的就是降低貓咪的壓力及保持免疫系統健康.


Although Spencer has learned to lay in one place and bat the ball from one paw.  He’s the world’s laziest cat.   All the things that we normally do for stress reduction, all the things that we normally do to keep the immune system healthy, you know, the best defense is a good immune system.


Jenny:  是阿, 當然. 聽你談論這些讓我想到, 如果我的貓沒有皰疹病毒發作, 給他們離胺酸不會有害,對吧?


Yeah, absolutely.   Listening to you talk right now made me think of – if my cat doesn’t have herpes, giving them lysine wouldn’t hurt them, is that correct?


Dr. Jean:  是的




Jenny: 既然他們沒有發作,為什麼要補充呢?


Is there any reason why you would go ahead and do that?  If they didn’t?


Dr. Jean:  如果一個東西沒有壞,就不要修它. 這會增加你準備他們食物的步驟及花費. 如果你不介意, 而且你想要預防皰疹病毒, 這是可以的. 如果你其他的事情都做對了, 你的貓咪應該不會有皰疹病毒的問題. 大部分的貓咪都沒有. 如果他們發作的話, 他們會開始哭哭,而且事情會變得不好控制. 我們先前談過的預防劑量應該可以降低未來可能的發作.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  It’s gonna be an added step for you in preparing their food and an added expense.  You know, if you don’t mind that and you wanna really prevent it – but if you’re doing other things right, your cats should not have a problem with herpes.  Most cats do not.   When they do, it tends to be crying and very difficult to get it under control.  But, it’s possible.  Once you have it under control then the preventive measures we’ve talked about should really minimize any future outbreak.


但你不知道的是, 或許你鄰居的房子可能在整修, 或是其它的壓力, 那種噪音, 貨車還有工人, 這個壓力是累積在旁觀者身上. 如果你的貓咪認為他壓力很大, 他就是壓力很大. 壓力是皰疹病毒發作的一個很大很大的原因. 你出門去上班, 你不知道那些引擎整天都吵得整條街不得安寧.


But you don’t know, maybe your neighbor’s house is under construction or something – you know that’s stress, that noise, trucks and workmen, the stress is in the eye of the beholder really.   If you cat thinks he’s stressed, he’s stressed. Stress is a big, big factor with these flare ups.  You go off to work. You don’t know the fire engines were roaring up and down the street all afternoon.  You don’t know.


我會這麼說是因為我的貓, 其實我曾搬家到Englewood. 那個地方會下雪, 整天都有鏟雪犁跑來跑去,也是個有警察局和消防局的主要道路. 所以當我外出工作整天的時候, Puzzle整天都躲在衣櫥裡面. 搬家後, 我發現那個地方對她來說壓力非常大, 因為那些無法預測的事情會一直在街上發生. 當我終於辭掉工作, 整天待在家, 我才發現. 所以後來我們搬到山裡, 情況就好很多.


I say that because my cats, actually I moved into a house in Englewood.   It turned out that it was on a snow route.   There were snow plows involved, it was also a major route for a police and fire.  So when I was at work all day, I wondered why Puzzle was hiding in a closet.  When I moved, I found out it was because it was a very stressful place for her because of all these unpredictable things that would happen on the street.  When I finally quit my job and was home all the time, I noticed what it was.  Oh see.  Then, we move to the mountains.  It was all good.


Jenny: 我想他們很喜歡你後來搬去的地方. 你曾提過可以在藥局買離胺酸. 那你覺得我剛才提到的離胺酸嚼錠怎麼樣?


I bet they liked that move too.   I know that you mentioned you can buy lysine at the drug store.  What do you think about the chews that I mentioned that my vet gave to me?


Dr. Jean: ,讓我看看. 我想它裡面含有500毫克的離胺酸. 這要看你需要給多少量.


Oh well.  Let me look at this.  I think they have like 500 milligrams of lysine. It depends on how many milligrams you need to keep – There’s so many treats there.


Jenny: 嚼錠是不是只是方便人類給予而已?


Are chews just an easier way for humans to deal with it?


Dr. Jean: ,可能是. 但是嚼錠並不會含有最好的成分. 很多時候, 它們裡面含有糖及防腐劑. 如果你想偷懶,這是可以的. 你連開罐罐然後灑一個膠囊的離胺酸進去都不想, 那你的貓咪沒辦法達到最好的健康狀態.


Well, it could be.  But chews don’t have the greatest ingredients either.   Lot of times, they have sugar in them and preservatives.   It’s just if you wanna be lazy, that’s fine.   You don’t wanna open a can and sprinkle a capsule in it, then well your cat doesn’t have good odds of staying exceptionally healthy.
養貓需要很多的努力. 如果你想要讓他們很健康, 那你需要付出一些行動. 如果連灑個罐罐都很困難, 我就不知道該說什麼了. 零食是一個讓貓咪感到舒適的東西, 但它沒有辦法讓貓咪保持健康.


Having a cat is work.  If you want them to be as healthy as they can be, that’s gonna require some effort on your part.   If it’s too much work to sprinkle the cat food, it doesn’t work.  I don’t know what to tell you.  Treat are a way to keep cats comfortable but you’re never gonna regain health that way.


Jenny: 我覺得這就像是一個機會教育,因為我想到當她給我那些嚼錠的時候, 她說我們只能從獸醫那邊拿到. 我想這也是個賺錢的方式


Well and I feel like it’s an opportunity because I remember when she gave them to me, she said that you can only get it through your vet.   I felt like it was a way to make money too.


Dr. Jean: 獸醫會被貼上用食物及零食賺錢的標記真是太悲哀了. 我不會相信這些賺錢的理論. 我想很多獸醫只是想提供一些簡單的方法. 我想那比較是方便性的問題,而不是花費.


The mark up on food and treats is so pathetic.  I wouldn’t give a lot of credence to the money making theory.   I think a lot of vets just wanna provide something simple dimple for people who don’t wanna be bothered.  I think that’s more the issue is convenience than cost.


Jenny: 了解. 那還有什麼事情要補充嗎?


Yeah, got you.  Well, is there anything else?


Dr. Jean: 我想應該夠了.


Not that I can think of offhand.


Jenny: 謝謝你,我真的很感激.


Well, thank you.  I really appreciate it.


Dr. Jean: 是阿,我想我們談到很多.


Yeah.  I think we covered a lot actually.


Jenny: 我也是.


I do too.



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