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寵物的四大重要補充品 Top 4 Pet Supplements

September 30, 2011 By 

我最近接受About.com關於寵物補充品的訪問. 我被要求選出四個補充品,並解釋為什麼我建議這些.

I (Dr. Jean) was recently interviewed for About.com on pet supplements. I was asked to choose my top four, and explain why I recommend them. (Click here to read the article on About.com)

1. Omega-3 脂肪酸 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

你知道我是個貓狗應補充Omega-3 脂肪酸的大倡導者. 這些是必需的營養, 這表示他們的身體無法製造這些特別的脂肪酸; 他們必須從飲食中獲得. 標準的美國人飲食是非常不均衡的傾向有較多的易致發炎的Omega-6s. 因為寵物食品多是由人類吃剩下的部分所製成, 狗貓會從食物獲取太多的Omega-6s (從蔬菜油及動物脂肪), 但是很少的Omega-3s.

You know I’m a big proponent of Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs and cats. These are essential nutrients, meaning that their bodies cannot make these particular fatty acids; they must be obtained in the diet. The typical American diet is very unbalanced toward pro-inflammatory Omega-6s. Because pet food is made from the ‘leftovers’ of human food processing, dogs and cats receive loads of Omega-6s (from vegetable oils and animal fats) in their food, but little if any Omega-3s.

脂肪酸EPA及DHA是對寵物來說最重要的Omega-3s. EPA是所有細胞膜中很重要的部分; 而且它具有有效抑制發炎反應的功能. DHA幫助眼睛, 腦部及身經系統的發育與維持.

The fatty acids EPA and DHA are the most important Omega-3s for pets. EPA is a crucial part of every cell membrane; and it has potent anti-inflammatory properties. DHA helps develop and maintain the eyes, brain, and nervous system.

有些寵物食品宣稱他們加入亞麻籽油或其他植物來元的Omega-3s. 但是狗貓不能將植物源的油轉化成EPA與DHA. 所以, 對寵物來說最好的Omega-3脂肪酸來源是含有EPA及DHA的海洋動物油 (像是魚身體的油, 鱈魚肝油或是綠唇貝油), 這可以直接由身體所利用. 選擇持續由乾淨海水中捕獲且由獨立機關測試產品的新鮮度與純度; 這必須沒有像是汞,多氯聯苯及戴奧辛等毒物, 很多海洋都遭受這些毒物的汙染.

Some pet foods claim a benefit for Omega-3s because they add flaxseed or other vegetable sources of Omega-3s. But dogs and cats cannot convert plant-based oils into EPA and DHA. Therefore, the preferred best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids for pets are marine oils (such as fish body oil, cod liver oil, or green-lipped mussel oil) containing EPA and DHA, which can be used directly by the body. Select a product from marine sources that live in clean waters, are harvested sustainably, and are independently tested for freshness and purity; it must be free from toxins such as mercury, PCBs, and dioxins, which pollute much of the world’s oceans.

2. 消化酵素 Digestive Enzymes

消化酵素對我們的寵物來說很重要, 其可幫助分解食物所以它們可以被有效的吸收並被身體利用. 當食物沒有被妥善的分解時, 有些小分子可能會引發發炎, 過敏及其他慢性健康問題. 經烹調(及處理過)的食物中的原有酵素會被破壞, 所以對寵物來說, 提供消化酵素是很重要的. 植物源的酵素可以在很廣的酸鹼度與溫度下作用. 確定你所選擇的產品至少含有蛋白酶, 澱粉酶, 脂肪酶和纖維素酶.

Digestive enzymes are important for our pets to fully break down foods so that they can be efficiently absorbed and used by the body. When food is not properly broken down, some particles may trigger inflammation, allergies, and other chronic health problems. Cooked (and processed) foods have had their native enzymes destroyed, so it is important to provide them in your pet’s diet. Plant-based enzymes work in the widest range of pH and temperature. Make sure that the product you select contains at least protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulase.

3. 益生菌 Probiotics

益生菌, 如乳酸桿菌, 雙歧桿菌及其他"好菌"會幫助維持均衡,健康的腸道, 且防止"壞菌"(像是沙門氏菌)的生長. 健康的腸道菌叢也是製造維生素B及K之必需.

Probiotics, such as L. acidophilusBifidobacteria, and other ‘friendly’ beneficial bacteria maintain a balanced, healthy gut, and prevent “bad” bacteria, such as Salmonella, from gaining a foothold. A healthy intestinal bacterial population is also needed to manufacture B vitamins and Vitamin K.

對於有腸胃問題(像是慢性嘔吐或腹瀉, 毛球與便秘)的貓咪來說益生菌的補充會特別的有幫助. 他們對於一些曾經或正在吃抗生素的動物來說非常必需; 在用藥後至少兩周都要持續使用. 在人類中, 益生菌普遍被認為對過敏(包括過敏性疾病, 食物過敏及發炎性腸躁症)有幫助.

For cats with tummy issues such as chronic vomiting or diarrhea, hairballs, and constipation, probiotic supplements may be especially helpful. They are very needed for animals who are, or have been, taking antibiotics; use for at least 2 weeks afterwards. In humans, probiotics are often administered to help with allergies, including atopy (inhalant allergies), food allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

4. 抗氧化劑 Antioxidants

抗氧化劑會清除及中和身體中的氧自由基. 身體會製造一定量的自由基當作武器對抗病毒及細菌, 但Dr. Hofve警告過多的自由基會破壞正常的細胞且引發慢性發炎.

Antioxidants scavenge and neutralize ‘oxygen free radicals’ in the body. Controlled amounts of free radicals are made by the body as weapons against viruses and bacteria, but Dr. Hofve warns that excess free radicals can damage normal cells and create chronic inflammation.

寵物們吃的是經處理的寵物食品, 通常含有很高的Omega-6脂肪酸(會引發發炎), 所以補充抗氧化劑是非常重要的. 抗氧化劑會協同作用, 所以找一個產品具有多種抗氧化劑的, 像是維生素E, 類胡蘿蔔素(如beta-胡蘿蔔素及茄紅素)及黃酮類化合物 (如維生素C及槲黃素).

Pets are eating processed pet food, which is typically high in Omega-6 fatty acids that promote inflammation, so supplementing with antioxidants is very important. Antioxidants work synergistically together, so look for a product that has a range of antioxidants in it, such as Vitamin E, carotenoids (such as beta-carotene and lycopene), and flavonoids (such as Vitamin C and quercitin).


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